Python Programming

Learn how to program in Python and get ready for a career in
data science, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

Programming. pandas. NumPy.

No Prior Programming experience required

08 September 2018

6 Months

Why learn Python to analyze data?

Python is easy and versatile. With its quick and fast approach it makes life easy for those who work with data. It is also the first step in many new age technologies like Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence

It is the 5th most popular programming language in the world, and the 1st in data science and machine learning market. It is also used by industry giants like Google, Spotify, Netflix to generate insights, and build products.

Effective & Engaging Content

Get started with programming through interactive content like quizzes, videos, and hands-on projects. Our learn-by-doing approach is the most effective way to learn to code.

Beneficial and Supportive Project Review

Advance quickly and successfully through the curriculum with the support of expert reviewers whose detailed feedback will ensure you master all the right skills.

What You Will Learn?

Learn Python programming fundamentals such as data types and structures, variables, loops, and functions.
You will work on NumPy and Pandas to handle and manipulate data.

Programming Foundations - Functions

Learn how to use functions to improve and reuse your code! Learn about functions, variable scope, documentation, lambda expressions, iterators, and generators.

Object - oriented Python - Classes

Learn to use classes for an object-oriented Python programming.

Data Types and operators

Familiarize yourself with the building blocks of Python! Learn about data types and operators, compound data structures, type conversion, built-in functions, and style guidelines.

Control Flow

Learn about conditional statements, repeating code with loops and useful built-in functions, and list comprehensions.

NumPy and Pandas

Gain familiarity with NumPy (Numerical Python) and Pandas, two of the best-known libraries for handling and manipulating data.s

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Students from Colleges

Our students are students as well as working professionals. Colleges' students take interest in learning such emerging technologies.